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What is SyncJammer?
SyncJammer is a file synchronization tool. You can sync files to a remote server via FTP or via your OS's file system if the remote server is on a local network.

How does SyncJammer work?
You tell SyncJammer what directories you want to sync and where you want the files sent by creating a very simple XML configuration. This is explained in more detail that in the Readme file that comes with the installation package.

Does SyncJammer send every file every time it runs?
No. SyncJammer keeps track of the files that it has sent. It only sends a file if that file has changed or has been added since the last sync was run

Does SyncJammer have a scheduler?
No. Use your OS's scheduling capabilities (cron jobs, etc.) to schedule SyncJammer.

Can SyncJammer do two-way synchronization?
No. At this point, SyncJammer only synchronizes one way--local to remote. At this point, SyncJammer should be considered more of a backup utility and less a true file-sync tool. But we are looking at ways to extends its functionality, though, so that two-way synchronization is possible.

SyncJammer is copyright (c) 2002 Pallas Technology. Released under the GNU Lesser Public License. Developed by Robert MacGrogan.